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Show & tell

In Owls class, we like to theme our show and tell topics to give everybody a focus. We choose topics that are familiar to the children and that tie in with our topics that we cover over the year. It is great for the children to learn about and celebrate similarities and differences between each other and learn to be accepting of others.

These are the topics for each of the half terms:

Autumn 1 = My family - We chose this topic because it provides the children with an opportunity to talk about their family. This is something that is very familiar to them which helps build their initial confidence when speaking out in front of the class for the first time in Reception. It is great to see who is special and important in their lives and to look at and celebrate differences between families.

Autumn 2 = Celebrations - This topic ties in nicely with the second half of Autumn where there are many celebrations happening at this time of year. The children bring in all sorts of show and tell relating to various celebrations. Some examples we have had previously are christenings, weddings, birthdays, Burns night, Halloween, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, Easter, Diwali, Bonfire Night and of course Christmas.

Spring 1 = Jobs or Keeping safe - This topic can be about jobs that family members do, a dream job or about different ways to keep safe. We have had many discussions about keeping safe online, stranger danger, road safety, keeping safe around the home and wearing protective clothing for different sports and activities.

Spring 2 = Food - Here the children are encouraged to talk about different food and where it comes from. This could be a favourite food, a recipe, photographs of different foods, we've even tried many new foods before! We talk about being healthy and about making good choices with food but talk about the idea that a little bit of unhealthy food as a treat is ok - everything in moderation!

Summer 1 = Animals and pets - This can be about a favourite animal or about a pet that is at home or in the family. The children enjoy talking about a pet that they would like to get in the future. We've had many pictures and videos of things such as dog training, horse riding and information on how to look after a pet...we've even had some furry visitors to the classroom!

Summer 2 = Holidays and days out - We love hearing about all the lovely places that the children visit and all of the activities that they get to do, everything from a night at granny's house, camping holidays, day trips to local attractions and holidays abroad.