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Sports Premium


We are in the first of three years of Sports Premium funding (the third year was recently announced in the Government’s Autumn Statement). This funding has been given to Primary schools to improve PE and sport. £8,000 per school plus £5 per child has been awarded; this money is ring-fenced for the provision of PE and sport within schools.

At Cubert School the emphasis has been placed on increasing enthusiasm, inspiring sessions and showing children a wide variety of sporting possibilities. We are doing this in the following ways:

  • Ensure teaching and learning resources are effective for a skills based curriculum.
  • Increase staff knowledge of PE and sport through courses and observations.

We have been able to purchase a wide variety of resources for the children in lessons including:

  • Key Stage 1/indoor balls
  • Tri-golf equipment
  • Footballs
  • Hand whistles
  • Pulse testers
  • Bell balls

This will mean that not only will the children have quality resources when playing sports they will also be able to test the effects physical activity have on their body, they will be able to block a sense and realise the implications of this (Paralympics focus) and  they will also be able to officiate without spreading germs!

As well as this we are beginning to update the playground equipment to promote physical activity during all parts of the day with resources such as skipping ropes.

We have also purchased planning resources such as:

  • Val Sabin dance plans and accompanying CDs
  • Teaching of gymnastics books

Go-Active coaches and teachers have been employed to deliver ‘taster sessions’ across the school. These have included:

  • Rocketball
  • Tai-chi
  • Street Surfing
  • Fencing
  • Urban polo
  • Tchukball

These days were put in place to inspire the children to try something new and also to give teachers some ideas for their own PE lessons.

A tai-chi specialist also comes in to work with the year 4, 5 and 6 children on a Friday as part of curriculum time and there is also a tai-chi club after school for those children and staff at school who wish to participate.

We have noticed that due to the fact PE and sport in schools is very high profile at the moment we have had offers from skilled people outside of school to come and assist us, for example:

  • Hockey Club, run by a mum of a child within school who is part of Newquay Hockey Club
  • Cross country Club, run by a local man who is part of Newquay road runners Club

Staff development has also been looked at; teachers from across the school are being given opportunities to develop their teaching of PE.

  • Foundation Stage teacher has been on a basic skills course
  • Year 4/5 teacher participated in a Youth Sport Trust pilot scheme
  • PE coordinator is released once a term to go to Newquay cluster schools PE meeting.

Cubert School is part of the Newquay Learning Partnership. They arrange a vast array of sporting opportunities for a wide variety of children to attend, including football tournaments, martial arts and huge multi-sport days.

Children throughout the school are also able to partake in swimming lessons at a reduced cost due to the Sports Premium Funding which will only benefit them as we are located so close to so many beaches.

What is next?

With the next allocation of Sports Premium Funding we are looking at giving the children more experiences of unusual sports.  We are purchasing sporting clothing for those children who participate in inter-school competitions such as cross country and football tournaments, as well as retaining some of the money for the transportation of children to and from sporting events.

Please click the link below to view a breakdown of the Sports Premium funding.

Sports Premium Funding
PE and Sports Premium 2019/2020