Cubert School

Cubert School

Sports Premium

2021/22 Provision 

After two years of PE provision taking place almost entirely within school, this year we are looking to widen our pupils experiences and offer them a broad range of sporting opportunities. 

We have already had pupils from across KS1 and KS2 represent the school at sporting events from cross country to netball to football. 

A major part of our provision of sport is our membership of the Newquay Sports Network.   They arrange a wide array of sporting opportunities for pupils from across the key stages.  In previous years this has included football competitions, the cross country league, netball, rounders, Quad Kids, Sports hall athletics, Gifted and talented development days, surfing, rowing and basketball for Key stage 2 and Beach sports and Multisport activity days for the lower school.   

Children throughout the school are able to partake in swimming lessons at a reduced cost due to the Sports Premium Funding.  This year we are looking at developing this across the school starting with Year 6 as they have been affected most by the lack of swimming in the last two years. 

Plans for the future 

This year we are focussing on widening our range of provision for pupils in Cubert school. 

We are tracking the participation in sports across the school to ensure that as many pupils as would like to take part in activities have the opportunity.  We will also look at pupils who have not taken part and see what we can provide that would interest them and provide them with access to sport. 

We have reached out to the local Cricket and Tennis club for some coaching for pupils and staff.  This will help pupils have access to higher level coaching and signpost them to local clubs outside of school. 

We are implementing a swimming program that will assess pupils in KS2 then offer lessons to help them reach their goal of swimming 25m independently.  Depending on the rate of success we hope to offer this to KS1 too.  

We have put money aside to pay a lunchtime supervisor to work as a Play Leader on the playground during lunchtimes.  This role will help facilitate game playing, inclusion, development of team work and encourage pupils who might not want to join an after school club to take part in sport. 

We are also looking into training Year 6 pupils to be playground leaders so that they can pass on some of their knowledge of games to the lower year groups.  This will allow the younger pupils to gain confidence and the older pupils to develop their leadership experience. 

We are reinstating the active morning start to the school day. All classes will take part in a round robin of activities. This includes using the bars, gym exercises using our outdoor gym, yoga, throwing and catching games, quick invasion games and the regular wake up shake up. This will allow all pupils to have an active start to their day and to access all of the equipment that the school has placed around the grounds 

We are in discussions with local schools to develop links so that we can take part in more friendly and competitive sporting fixtures.  This will allow us to provide more opportunities for both KS1 and KS2. 

To ensure that planning is cumulative through the years and that it is developing according to the schools plan the PE Coordinator will meet with teachers to discuss their planning.  This will also include identifying areas where teachers feel less confident so we can arrange for specific training.  

If you have any suggestions or links to sports clubs you think we would be interested in we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the main office and label items FAO Mr Hyde. 

Please click the link below to view a breakdown of the Sports Premium funding: 

PE and Sports Premium Budget Breakdown