Cubert School

Cubert School

History of the School

Cubert School is a Community School for girls and boys aged 4 to 11.  The School is set in large grounds and there are approximately 190 pupils.

Our children mainly come from Cubert, Crantock, Holywell Bay and Newquay.

The original building dates from 1895 and has two classrooms. The main building was opened in l974.  In 2002 a double Elliot classroom was built to accommodate the Reception Class and Curlews Pre-School. Since then a covered area has been developed to promote outdoor learning, and there are plans to extend the learning environment further.  In 2003 new offices and a Resource Room were completed.  In 2004 a new library was opened. In 2005 our Community Room, Kingfisher Room, was created during a complete refurbishment of our school kitchen. During Summer 2007 Lapwings classroom was completely replaced. During Easter 2009 there was a complete refurbishment of our Computer Suite. In the Summer 2010, there was a major refurbishment of Curlews Class, and a new Teacher Study Area was created. We also had disabled facilities installed for any member of the school community that might need it during their school career.  During Summer 2011 the school hall was completely refurbished.
We have a tarmac surface for recreation purposes and a spacious grassed area. There is a large playing field and an all weather multi-purpose hard court. These extensive grounds provide the children with invaluable opportunities, not only for sporting activities, but also to study aspects of plant and animal life. During 2011, a cycle shelter was installed for both bikes and scooters. In 2014, the playground was laid with new tarmac and marked out for various sports, and fun educational games.

Cubert School has strong community links.   Out of school hours the tennis court is available for hire.   Evening Classes are held at the school on a regular basis.  We have regular visits from the School Nurse, the local clergy, the community Police Officer, representatives from the local Parish Council, as well as key figures from the local community who kindly volunteer their time to support the school.

We have very strong links with other local primary and secondary schools which create opportunities for our children to access a wider range of learning and expertise.