Cubert School

Cubert School

Curriculum coverage

This year in Swallows we will be very busy covering a wide range of exciting subjects, if you have any questions about what we are learning please get in touch.

Autumn 1

Science - Sound

History - Anglo Saxons and Scots

PE - Tag Rugby, Tennis

Art - Storytelling through drawing

MFL (French) - All around town

Music - Mama Mia, composing

RE - How special is the relationship that Jews have with God?

PSHE - Being in my world

Computing - The internet


Autumn 2

Science - Electricity

Geography - Mountains

Design Technology - Board Games

PE - Dodgeball, Gymnastics

Art - Exploring Patterns

MFL (French) - On the move

Music - Glockenspiels and composing

RE - Incarnation, what is the most significant part of the nativity?

PSHE - Celebrating differences

Computing - Repetition in shapes, E Safety


Spring 1

Science - States of matter

History - Vikings vs Anglo Saxons

Design Technology - Storage

PE - Hockey, Dance

Art - The art of the display

MFL (French) - Going Shopping

Music - Stop! Rap composition

RE - Passover, how important it is to Jewish people

PSHE - Dreams and goals

Computing - Audio editing and data logging


Spring 2

Science - States of matter

Geography - Africa 

PE - Cricket, Basketball

Art - Exploring Still life

MFL (French) - Where in the world?

Music - Lean on me, vocal and instrumental accompaniment

RE - Salvation, is forgiveness always possible for Christians?

PSHE - Healthy me

Computing - Operation Al, core skills, E safety


Summer 1

Science - Animals and humans

History - Smuggling 

PE - Athletics, Swimming

Art - Sculpture, structure, inventiveness and determination

MFL (French) - What's the time?

Music - Blackbird, composing and playing

RE - Rights of passage, what is the best way for a Jew to show commitment to God

PSHE - Relationships

Computing - Photo editing


Summer 2

Science - All living things

Geography - UK and sustainability

Design Technology - Pastry

PE - Rounders, Swimming

Art - Festival of Feasts

MFL (French) - Holidays and hobbies

Music - Reflect, rewind and replay

RE - Prayer and worship, do people need to go to church to show they are Christians?

PSHE - Changing me

Computing - Repetition in games, E safety