Cubert School

Cubert School

General Information


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Skylarks class. The following will give you an overview of our class routines:


This will be set on Fridays and will consist of spellings, times tables AND numeracy or literacy. This will either reinforce what we have learnt in class or introduce a concept we are about to start. The children will be given homework books and I would be grateful that if the children do not do the work straight into this book, that they attach the worksheet inside it instead. If the activity is a game, please could you write a comment stating that your child has taken part in it. The homework must be handed in on the following Wednesday morning and the children will have either a times table test and a spelling test on Friday morning.


We recommend you try and hear your child read every night. Once you have heard your child read and have asked them some questions on the story please comment and sign the reading record. Once I have seen this I will give your child a special stamp. If they have over a certain number of stamps by the end of each half term they will receive a certificate and a prize! The children will be given an opportunity to change their books every day except Thursday.

 Break times

Children may bring in a snack in the mornings or money for tuck. As we have no cups in our class, we recommend the children bring in a bottle of water which is clearly labelled with their name.

 Before School

We try to encourage children to come in by themselves to put their lunchboxes away or hang up their bookbags etc before the day begins. If you need to speak to me, the mornings are not the best time(!) I would be very happy to see you after school briefly or if you would like a longer appointment then this would need to be booked through the office.


Please ensure the children bring their coats to school as they are not allowed out to play if it is raining without them. Please ensure all of their uniform is clearly labelled with their names. The children should have a book bag OR a backpack but not both. This is due to lack of space on the pegs.

 PE Kits

We will being doing our main PE lesson on Wednesdays but will have other shorter sessions throughout the week. Therefore could you please ensure the children have there PE kits in school at all times. Again please make sure these items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


It is not encouraged for children to bring toys into the class from home in case they get broken or lost. However, toys (not electric) maybe brought in on Fridays to be used with friends during a short golden time. If we win the attendance cup I will allow children to bring in electricals however these are their responsibility if they get broken or lost.

 Five children a week (this is done alphabetically) are selected for ‘Show and Tell’ and they will know who they are on the Friday before their week. The Show and Tell must be a fact about something.

It is very important to me that your child is happy and enjoys coming to school so if there are any problems or questions that you may have please don’t hesitate to pop in to see me after school.

 Thank you for your cooperation in these matters,

Miss Willis