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Dear Parent

As part of Cubert School’s ongoing improvement in the provision for mathematics, your child will soon have access to Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus, an online personalised tutoring service catering for each child’s unique ability. This is an online service and can be used at any time, at home as well as in school.

When used the recommended amount, it has shown to help children improve and gain confidence in mathematics. You as a parent can contribute to getting best results, by scheduling with your child to spend 20 to 30 minutes two to three times a week, logging into Maths-Whizz. This can be accessed at

The recommended usage depends on your child’s individual ability, measured in terms of “maths age”. You are able to see your child’s maths age in the parents’ report section.

  • Children, who need more time to absorb maths concepts: use Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus for 90 minutes a week. When used this amount, children improve their “maths age” by, on average, 2 years in the first year of usage.
  • For most children: spend 45 to 60 minutes per week with Maths-Whizz, where the average expected improvement in maths age is between 1.3 and 1.6 years, over 12 months.
  • Faster children, or those who are gifted and talented and have maths ages well beyond their actual age: good progress with just 30 minutes of usage per week

 You can gain more information by visiting . If you have any questions please contact

Kind regards,

Miss Willis