Cubert School

Cubert School

Meet the Teacher- 3.30pm*

*Please note the change of date for Owls Class

All parents are cordially invited to a group meeting with the class teacher at 3.30pm in their classroom next week.  

The meeting will last approximately 15 minutes.

Please note that Owls class meet the teacher will now be postponed to Wednesday 20th September at 3:20pm and will be led by Mrs Hardwick & Mrs Byrne.

Monday 11th Sept- Mr Simmons (Curlews)

Tuesday 12th Sept- Miss Campbell (Puffins)

Wednesday 13th Sept- Miss Byham (Swallows)

Thursday 14th Sept- Mr Peters (Lapwings)

Friday 15th Sept- Miss Willis (Skylarks)

Monday 18th Sept- Miss Greenfield (Pipits)

Wednesday 20th Sept- Mrs Hardwick and Mrs Byrne (Owls)